The Minnesota Academy of Hearing, Speech, and Language is dedicated to teaching children the language and literacy skills necessary for them to fully participate in academic and civic life. We will play a leadership role in the field of education and language acquisition programs in Minnesota and throughout the country. We will set a high standard of excellence, both statewide and nation wide, which will be demonstrated by the achievement of graduating students and the satisfaction of the families we serve. We will achieve this by teaching age appropriate speech, language, and academic skills to students with limited language so that they become proficient in spoken language and use it as their primary means of communicating. They will also develop literacy skills at or above grade level peers, and the academic and social skills necessary for a successful academic career.

MAHSL is a non-districted, public charter school that is committed to implementing a comprehensive language and literacy academic program. MAHSL’s vision is to create an educational option for all students that may value a language rich environment. MAHSL will excel as a unique center for language, literacy and communication, that will allow children to meet their full potential.

MAHSL Mission: The mission of the Minnesota Academy for Hearing, Speech and Language (MAHSL), serving K-3 students, is to ensure the academic and social success of all students through individualized focus on communication, language and literacy.

MAHSL Vision: The vision of the Minnesota Academy for Hearing, Speech and Language (MAHSL) is to empower children to excel in language and literacy, enabling them to fully participate in academic and civic life.

Belief Statements:

  1. We believe that all students, regardless of level, are entitled to highly individualized instruction in order to progress towards language and literacy proficiency.

  2. We believe that a respectful and carefully structured learning environment will develop confidence, positive self image and advocacy in students.

  3. We believe that a focused approach to teaching and learning that includes adaptation, accommodations and differentiation will result in students meeting and/or exceeding the MN State Standards.

  4. We believe strong partnerships and open communication between teachers, parents, and the community promote successful learning.

  5. We believe that the individual needs of each student are best met through highly effective and intentional professional collaboration among MAHSL staff.

  6. We believe effective organizations require good stewardship of resources.